David Wilson

CTO, Co-founder

With 20 years of technology and telecommunications experience, both in software development and management, David is an IT generalist. An insightful approach to problem-solving and a long history of creating innovative solutions to business needs. As Chief Technical Officer, David helps define Norwood Systems’ product strategy and steer the engineering team to deliver the company’s vision.

Previously at Ocean Broadband, he held the roles of Chief Information Officer and Chief Financial Officer to see it become one of Australia’s largest fixed wireless providers. In 2007, he pioneered the first ever integration of Google Earth data with Salesforce.com APIs, an achievement that was featured in several national Australian news publications.

Previously, David was the Lead Developer of the award-winning InstantCoverage planning application at the original Norwood Systems, and prior to that worked as a software engineer with the TerraSystems Group building mine planning and fleet tracking systems.

David holds a BSc and an MBA from the University of Western Australia.