Sales Productivity

You can’t play the game if you can’t see the ball.
Up to 60% of your sales teams’ calls could be on their cellphones. Now you can see all the details in your CRM. Monitor all customer-facing activity, spot low-energy salespeople early, coach your team to be even more successful.

Optimise your sales teams' performance

Excellent customer service requires complete information

Customer Service

Knowing more about your customers is the key to better service.
If you have a field force or a flexible work force, you can bet most of their calls and texts aren’t being entered in your CRM. With instant automatic logging, you teams can smoothly manage incident handoffs between field staff and the office, and you can better manage service satisfaction.

Unleash your AI on Real Data

As real customer interactions including SMS message text and recorded call data are stored, your AI / Analytics Suite can now interact with real conversations with real customers. Learn more about customers wants, needs and desires to provide differentiated personalised service.

Create communication analytics, ready for action

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All these solutions are built into the powerful and easy-to-use Corona® Cloud platform. Click the button below and learn more.

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Awards & Recognition

Norwood's awards include Westpac's 200 Businesses of Tomorrow, INCITE's Most Effective eBusiness Solution, London Business School's Real Innovation Award, and many more